Tar en iof xml fil og genererer en resultatside.

Updated 8 months ago

Run Murmur in docker

Updated 7 months ago

Config for my Aerohive AP230 access points

Updated 5 months ago


Updated 2 weeks ago

Trygves nye nettside 😎

Updated 5 months ago

The cryptography-based networking stack for building unstoppable networks with LoRa, Packet Radio, WiFi and everything in between.

Updated 3 weeks ago

FalseSSH is a Dockerized SSH server intended for running a SOCKS5 proxy based on SSH.

Updated 2 months ago

Ikke så mye å se på enda.

Updated 1 month ago

Containerize your PHP application

Updated 1 month ago

Tidtakningsprogram for orientering. Programmet er fortsatt i startgropa.

Updated 6 days ago

Sends an emoji that shows what season it currently is. In glorious php

Updated 4 weeks ago

The fourth redesign of my website, finally a solid base I can build upon... Yeah

Updated 1 week ago

Minimal PHP Router

Updated 7 days ago

Siste prosjekt for programmering valgfag

Updated 2 days ago