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A pure python3 library for ansi VT-100 escape codes

See the doc/ folder and for documentation (WIP)
See the examples directory for examples/ You need to copy the file to the example/ directory to run the examples.
Since this library wraps around text sent to the terminal it only returns strings that need to be put inside a print() statement, example:

print(ansi_escape.color("fg", "red") + "Hello")

On the positive side that means that you easily can send output to a file using .write() or write it to the terminal using sys.stdout.write(). You are not limited by the limitations of print().


SGR (Select Graphic Rendition)
SGR foreground and background color support with support for 256 8-bit colors and 24-bit true color
SGR text formating like; underline, overline and bold text
Use the bell character
Free cursor movement
Clear parts of screen or line
Toggle keyboard leds