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filip 3025579b98 added more documentation 2021-02-03 20:12:32 +01:00
filip ee2e8acdce added more documentation 2021-02-03 20:11:29 +01:00
filip be7862b457 you can now choose install directrory 2021-02-03 20:09:24 +01:00
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@ -1,35 +1,36 @@
GIT_NAME="kvs-linuxmint-dloadx" # Must not contain spaces and/or weird characters
TARGET_DIR="/opt" #directory to install to
if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then
if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then #make shure that script is being run as root
echo "This script must be run as root."
exit 1
apt update && apt install -y git wine setserial tlp
systemctl enable tlp --now
cd /opt/
git clone $GIT_REPO
apt update && apt install -y git wine setserial tlp #install dependencies
systemctl enable tlp --now #enable and start nessecary systemd service file
cd $TARGET_DIR/ #change current working directory to install directory
git clone $GIT_REPO #clone git again
cd $GIT_NAME #enter directory of cloned git
adduser $USERNAME dialout
adduser $USERNAME dialout # ????
echo "[Unit]
Description=Wine Serial Fix
ExecStart=bash /opt/$GIT_NAME/ $USERNAME
[Install]" > "/etc/systemd/system/wine-serial-fix.service"
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable wine-serial-fix.service --now" > "/etc/systemd/system/wine-serial-fix.service" #creates systemd service file
systemctl daemon-reload #make systemd detect the new service file
systemctl enable wine-serial-fix.service --now #enables and starts the systemd service file
sudo -H -u $USERNAME bash -c "cd /opt/$GIT_NAME && wine DLOADX*.exe"
sudo -H -u $USERNAME bash -c "cd $TARGET_DIR/$GIT_NAME && wine DLOADX*.exe" # ???????
echo -e "\e[1;32mFerdig. Logg ut og inn av økten eller start datamaskinen på nytt.\e[0m"
echo -e "\e[1;32mFerdig. Logg ut og inn av økten eller start datamaskinen på nytt.\e[0m" #done

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@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ function doTheThang
# TTY is empty if no serial device is detected
TTY=$(setserial -g /dev/ttyUSB[0-9] | awk -F"," '{print $1}')
if [ ! -z "$TTY" ]; then
if [ ! -z "$TTY" ]; then #configure wine to use serial device
echo -e "\e[1;32mUsing serial device: $TTY\e[0m"
ln -sfn $TTY /home/$USERNAME/.wine/dosdevices/com1 &&
chown $USERNAME /home/$USERNAME/.wine/dosdevices/com1 &&
@ -32,11 +32,11 @@ doTheThang
while :
do #look for usb
if [ "$LSUSB" != "$(lsusb)" ]; then
echo "=======USB Change detected======="
doTheThang #usb found, run function
sleep 1